:: About our Megan McCormick Video Dance.  Megan said: "I LOVE the dance video it CRACKS ME UP!!!!  Man am I goofy!!!". Video is up on YouTube. Check it out at Here»

:: Which others destinations are in Megan list of places to visit? She said: "I've been pestering Ian Cross all day to send me to Bhutan! I'd really like to go to Ethiopia, Brazil".

:: What's the soundtrack of Megan travels? Megan says: "It has to be a Globe Trekker CD - we play the Globe Trekker intro over and over again wherever we go...".

:: Megan said: "I don't like to watch my own shows because I always think "Oh, I'm so goofy" or "I shouldn't have said that".

:: “What kind of job gives you a free ticket to different places and lets you talk as much as possible?” Megan asks, before adding proudly: “Mine.”

:: "I hope you continue to watch the show and please let us know what you think".

:: Megan says she enjoys watching Ian Wright's interactions with people he meets, and Justine Shapiro's heart-felt emotions: "I enjoy watching Justine when she gets really angry about something. Because you do get angry when you're traveling" (CNN - June, 2004).

:: Megan said that if she was eaten by wild animals while she was sleeping then her sister could have her music record collection (Treks in a Wild World Programs).

:: Megan tries exotic food: scorpion from a local street vendor (Beijing City).

:: In the GREEK ISLANDS (2000) episode, Megan taste the aphrodisiac berries Calypso fed to Odysseus on the tiny island of Gavdos.

:: Megan said that her favorite Greek goddess is Aphrodite.

:: Germany only became a country back in 1871, yet no nation has had a greater impact on the face of Europe. "Everyone knows the stereotypes... but on my journey I’m gonna be looking beyond them and seeking out the real Germany" says traveller Megan McCormick. Coming soon...!

:: Megan McCormick says something in front of the Forbidden City about Mao Zedong and quotes him. This is what Megan says: "From that balcony on October 1st, 1949, Mao Zedong stood and announced the People's Republic of China. He uttered these famous words,  'China has risen' ".

:: We have still been traveling all the time to make Globe Trekker since September 11th - of course, business has not been good for travel, or travel television so much in that year - but we have rarely let anything (even warfare!) spoil our plans - Megan McCormick was filming in the Arab Gulf and Kuwait this February, and we filmed in Morocco a few months after terrorist attacks there. Although the trips were planned a long time before problems happened, we always ensure the safety of the crew first who have always been safe (Source: Pilot Guides.com: Community - Forums).

:: When Martha Wailes (director/producer for Pilot Productions) filming on Mount Kenya for National Geographic, bought Buffs Products for herself and her presenter, Megan McCormick, and afterwards wrote: "I wanted to write and let you know how fantastically useful they were! I'll be advising my friends and colleagues to get these head garments - this is the first time I have written to tell a manufacturer how useful an item is but I felt this one was a real find".

:: Megan (globe Trekker) spends 3 1/2 - 4 weeks in each country and travels with 3 to 6 people.

:: The song 'Old Conch' (1981), which is sung by the fishermen in the programme DIVING IN THE TURKS & CAICOS Islands (2000), was written by Lovey Forbes. The first verse and chorus (written below) are what most people know and sing, but there are altogether three verses in the original recording.

The old conch is sweeter than the fresh conch
The old conch is sweeter than the fresh conch
Especially when you put it in peas and rice
I say the old conch will make it taste so nice

You soak-um, soak-um,
You wash-um, wash-um
You cook-um, cook-um, You eat-um, eat-um.